02C90: I Should Be Asleep

Wednesday - Nono's Pork Chops

I have a very early day tomorrow, which is a little weird to consider. But this week is proving to be somewhat atypical (to say the least) and tomorrow includes some important family stuff we need to address before the regular work day. That is going to make tomorrow feel a lot longer than usual, but I'll get through things one way or another. 

I'm trying to figure out when to squeeze in time for me and Tobie to watch The Boy and the Heron before it disappears from theaters (if it hasn't already). As much as we can catch it on home video eventually, it would be really nice to actually catch a Studio Ghibli movie in a theater together. That has yet to happen for us and I don't want to miss this particular opportunity. But theater time slots for cinemas in the area have been less than ideal, plus there's the aforementioned long day tomorrow. Let's see how things pan out. 

Beyond that, I have a glut of new comics in my reading queue (as if I didn't have a lot of older comics already in the queue) and I'm having some trouble sorting through what to read first. Going for the isolated mini-series has become my sort of default for now as fewer entanglements means I don't need to read other titles to figure things out. A good number of the books I've picked up recently seem to be tied to a larger comic event but I haven't quite sat down to sort through them - I just got them because they were on sale. Story of my book worm life.

We don't talk about my actual book queue. That's just bonkers.

Anyway...good night. I have to get up veeery early.