02C86: Gaming Misfortune

Sunday - Dune Imperium

It's official - this has not been a great weekend for me in terms of winning games. I still had fun, don't get me wrong. But it also would have been nice to win a few more games this weekend, but that was not the case. When we have back-to-back game days like this, I figure that I can come out on top for one of the days despite totally bombing the others. But this weekend was not like that.

I thought maybe things were turning around yesterday when I managed to win our first game of Disney Villainous. It was the first time the others had played so that was a bit of a caveat to things, but it was also my first time to play with Oogie Boogie, so that sort of balanced things out. But beyond that, my luck didn't hold up. My team didn't win Monikers (although I'm totally hoarse now from laughing so hard). Then I got to teach Dune: Imperium - Uprising but came out last. And then we wrapped up with New York Zoo, and Tobie still won that one.

Today we had a family game session and taught the original Dune: Imperium. My brother managed to win that one, but at least I came somewhat close. We then taught Raiders of the North Sea, but Tobie totally won that one as well and I again came in last. And then we wrapped up with a quick game of Marvel Remix, but my brother swept that one cleanly. 

As much as I don't need to win all the time or even most of the time, I would like to feel like I still know what I'm doing well enough to rack up a few more victories across the weekend. But what can we do, eh? You literally can't win them all.

I am tempted to bring out another short game or two before bed just to see if I can break this "trend" of sorts somehow. Or maybe this just means we need more mid-week board game escapes amid everything else because I don't want to avoid playing just because things didn't go favorably for me this weekend.