02C8B: Little Rants

Friday - Tobie Roast Chicken

I think I'm feeling a lot better today versus yesterday, but whatever this is hasn't fully cleared from my system. I never reached a point of having a fever - just isolated coughing spells and on-and-off sniffles. It has been more annoying than debilitating, but I have been careful to avoid overly strenuous activity in the interim just to be sure. But I would like to at least go for a brisk walk tomorrow or maybe a bit of jogging if things continue to improve.

The scroll wheel on my mouse has started to act up and it is getting rather annoying. I always fall into this weird loop of thinking it's a waste to throw it away so I'll just make do but then go back to complaining about how it's not working. It's not like I even have to go out to buy a mouse since the UPS units I had bought a while back oddly came with free computer mice, so there's that. I don't even know what I'm blogging about this - maybe this is an accountability thing to get me to just junk this and try for a replacement. 

Despite my less-than-ideal health, it has been a good day thus far. Work was productive but not overly stressful. Tobie roasted a chicken for dinner. We had a new episode of the second season of Reacher. And we'll be playing Magic: the Gathering and at least one board game later once our friends arrive. That's as good a weekend as any, really.