02C9D: Early CNY

Tuesday - East Ocean Lo Hei

In the weeks leading up to this work trip, we realized that I had never experienced the Singaporean tradition of lo hei because I've yet to be in town around Chinese New Year. This was never a deliberate thing - just something that sort of happened on its own. But I was quite familiar with it since I'd see videos of the team tossing yusheng together for good luck. I even own a copy of the game Huat's Up, which is an effort to capture the experience in a game. The actual tradition is certainly fun to watch but even crazier to experience for yourself and I super appreciate that we had arranged things in such a way that we could experience it even the big Chinese New Year week isn't until next week. It was a delightful mess, but the actual salad (that's the closest analogy) is actually quite tasty.

We had our pre-Chinese New Year lunch at East Ocean, which is a pretty traditional restaurant. It has been some time since I had last eaten here with the family and I decided it was working breaking keto for in order to enjoy all the dimsum and other food. And boy did I stuff myself with so much good food that I have comfortably skipped dinner for now and even spent a fair amount of time walking around the area to finish my steps for the day but really to try to burn off some of the carbs I had consumed. I have no regrets - that was an awesome meal. 

The rest of the workday was pretty busy. Since we have a leadership workshop on Thursday and Friday, there's a bit of a rush to get as much work done before then as we really should focus on the planning and other activities we have laid out. But that still means a LOT of work to squeeze into a limited period of time. I had ended work pretty late today partly to get more done, but also because I didn't feel like getting up (haha!) 

Now I just want to chill and catch up on my reading. It has been quite a day.