02C87: Another Start

Monday - Bacolod Chicken Inasal

As much as it's easier to think that we'd get more work done without meetings, there will inevitably be a need to meet with other members of the team, compare notes, and make sure you're all headed in the right direction. Sure, you can get a fair amount done on your own and that's fine. But there is a sort of multiplication effect that happens with (efficient) coordination with your peers. And all this comes to mind now because it's the time of the month when we have a LOT of short monthly meetings for our different accounts. It takes a bit of time but it's still an important investment of time.

It also makes for a rather busy week.

Lighter updates, our active K-Drama is still Moving, and it's quite enjoyable. I was rather opportune timing that we had first watched Extreme Job, which includes an actor in the TV show and a familiar face does help anchor us. We're also getting started on the Lessons on Chemistry TV adaptation while waiting for new episodes of Reacher. 

I have another work trip coming up, and it feels prudent to stick to shows with shorter seasons to avoid other interruptions. But I do want to go back to both Slow Horses and For All Mankind - I'm just not sure if we'll have enough time before the trip. We'll see how far we can take things. I know that the Echo Dinsey+ series is coming out, soon. 

So much to do, so little time.