02C9B: Fitbit Judgement


Sunday - Singapore Dinner

My Fitbit says that I have tracked zero sleep today, which I suppose is fair. After a great night at O Bar, I was worried that we wouldn't be able to manage me taking a nap since Tobie was pretty tired. So we opted to try to stay up until it was time for me to go to NAIA and even given those parameters, I still got to tuck Tobie in since he zonked out mid-way through the final episode of Moving

I dozed a bit in the Grab to the airport, but even that didn't last very long as the roads were quite clear this morning. I was there more than 4 hours before my flight time (as recommended), but the counters weren't even open, so I parked myself on a bench and dozed a bit there while listening to Stephen Fry's Heroes audiobook. 

The airport counters opened within 3 hours of the flight and I tried to get processed as quickly as possible in order to settle in at the gate right away. I tried to doze a bit more there while listening to the same audiobook but I guess my Fitbit figured that I hadn't actually reached a proper sleep state this entire time.

Pretty much another 90 minutes later, we finally boarded the plane and I ended up loading Joy Ride as my first in-flight movie expecting to fall asleep while watching. I actually didn't despite us spending an extra 30+ minutes on the tarmac waiting for a takeoff slot. It sort of helped that I had specified a special meal, so I got served brunch way before the other passengers. My second movie was supposed to be God of Gamblers but I barely got past the first sequence before falling asleep. It felt like sleep to me but my Fitbit still didn't track any of this as sleep, so I guess I'm going to sleep very soundly tonight.

Travel days always feel long and they end up feeling longer when you're running on limited to no sleep...which is sort of my norm given my life. But I'm safely in Singapore and that's all that matters as we have a lot of stuff to do this week plus I'm looking forward to more quality time with the nephews. I'm going to try bunking in their room tonight to see how that plays out, otherwise I'll shift to an airbed. The sleeping is probably going to be the easy part. The bigger challenge is the fact that they tend to wake up pretty early and have no qualms in trying to wake up uncle when they discover I'm in their bedroom.