02C9A: Weekend Overclocking

Saturday - Boonlake

Today is marked by a significant lack of sleep, which probably isn't the smartest way to spend the day before an international flight. But hey, we live like we're in our 20s despite being in our 40s. #PoorLifeChoices

So our Friday game night ran pretty long, which is a tad atypical since we usually try to cap things pretty early when other people have plans. But the three of us were game for more gaming and we have a good night indeed. We learned how to play The Fox Experiment together and that was a lot of fun. We had a few silly rounds of The Fuzzies because it's a suitably crazy party game that deserves all the love that it's getting. We finally beat the Matrix Reloaded scenario of Legendary Encounters: The Matrix after a few tries where our best run was what the game calls a minor victory. And then the big boy of the night was finally bringing Boonlake back to the table after Tobie and I had played a learning game once during the lockdown period. And man, it's a deceptively simple game that officially only has two rounds but there's a lot that goes on there. I just wish the theme made more sense haha

By the time we had finished the last game, it was already time for Tobie's Saturday morning work call, so he had to dive right in. I took a quick nap but had to get up by lunch since I still had some errands to run before my trip. Then we had a quick lunch and both got a bit more sleep this afternoon before getting up again for last stuff before heading out to O Bar.

Dinner was just leftovers because I wanted to get most of my packing out of the way before we party tonight. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tomorrow morning since I'm aiming to be at the airport by 10:00am, but let's see how things play out. It's going to be an interesting 24+ hours, to say the least.