02C8A: Earbud Celebration

Thursday - Jabra Elite Active 8

I skipped exercising this morning in recognition of my feeling under the weather the past few days. Things haven't progressed beyond heavier morning sniffles and slight congestion, but better safe than sorry. I've been aggressively leveraging over-the-counter medications and they seem to be helping for the most part. I definitely feel better tonight than I did yesterday. 

I'll take this time to talk about the fact that I'm loving my Jabra Elite Active 8 earbuds. While I still haven't subjected them to the rigors of a full outdoor jog (bad Rocky, bad), they have been pretty stellar regardless. My biggest issue with the various headsets I've tried is how slippery my ears seem to get once I really get sweaty. I experience this when I jog and all the more when I go through more arduous yoga flows. My past few headsets have all suffered in this area and I've had to repeatedly push the earpiece back into my ear (typically my right side) multiple times throughout any workout.

I should write a review on the Geeky Guide or something. I love them that much.

They fit pretty well in my ears and I still haven't felt the need to swap out the silicon bits at the end for a different size. This may change once I actually run with them and see how they fare. Sound quality is pretty good and the active noise cancellation makes a BIG impact when outdoors or near other loud noises. It's pretty easy to toggle the "hear through" mode so that you're not shouting over whatever you're listening to, so that helps.

What has been most impressive is the fact that I haven't charged the earbuds again since the first time I charged them after unboxing. Like most other earbuds, the case is a charger/battery pack in itself and the Sound+ widget regularly provides updates on the amount of battery charge per earbud and for the case. So every day my earbuds are at 100% and the case slowly drains away. I'm only about 50% charge for the case after more than a week of at least 30 minutes of use per day, which is pretty impressive. My last few headsets all needed charging every 2-3 days depending on usage. 

If things go well, I should take them for a job maybe by the weekend. I will also probably get around to finally charging it depending on how low my charge is by Saturday. As expensive as this was, this finally feels like it was more than worth the investment.