02C93: Long Saturday


Saturday - Legacy

We visited the family home again today and the bonus was being able to hang out with some of our cousins and more of the family. This took up a better part of the day and I'm glad that we made the trip. It has been a while since I've seen particular family members in person - life is weird that way. We don't mean for so many years to go by without seeing one another, but life has other plans. And recent years include a global pandemic, so that has made things extra bonkers.

My main challenge was the fact that we had stayed up late playing board games with our Friday group. Our games last night included Canvas, Forbidden Sky, and Legacy. My brother had also stayed up late after hanging out with his friends, so both of us were napping during the early morning drive north. There's a photo floating around of us asleep on the couch shortly after arriving. 

There's a fair bit going on and catching up with the rest of the family definitely brought is up to speed on various bits of family news. But a lot of time was also invested in telling old stories and that house is very rich in memories and shared tales. It has been a rather bittersweet day.

After an aruduous drive to the airport, I'm back at the Sietch for a game night with a friend. We've been friends online for while and have run into one another at O Bar a couple of times already. But tonight marks the first time we're hanging out in person to play board games after talking about this a number of times via direct messages online. I have a good feeling about tonight. If all goes well, then this will mean another friend to add to our gaming circle.

Gaming now. Deal with everything else tomorrow.