02C83: Initial 2024 Reading

Thursday - Minimum Chicken Tinola

It's the start of a new year and thus it's also the start of another Reading Challenge for me. I've been doing a book a day as a goal since 2019, which means I need a full 366 titles this year as it is a leap year. I'm not super rushing right away since it's the very start of the year and it's a great time to read meatier books of a bit more substance before I go for more "efficient" reading.

My first reading goal for the year is N.K. Jemisen's Broken Earth series starting with The Fifth Season. I've been meaning to read these books since forever and it's nice to finally dive into them. I'm starting to get why the first two books in the series both won Hugo awards - the writing is really good and the world is pretty intriguing. I hope it holds up across the trilogy. Beyond this, I'm also considering reading the Murderbot Diaries, but I still haven't purchased all of the books in the series. It would be more prudent to go for The Paper Magician, of which I already have all 4 books. 

For the family book club, we're tackling The Bee Sting, which initially feels a bit outside my typical fare. But there is some hint at things changing due to a single event, so maybe there will be some sort of time travel or alternate reality angle to things. But man, this book has rather long chapters and it's hard to find places to take a breather.

In contrast, my business-related title is still The Personal MBA, which I started reading last year. This book has crazy short chapters as it dedicates one to each topic it discusses. Unfortunately, this makes it feel more like reading a dictionary as we're just defining term after term after term and it can get tiring to read for long. I'm only a third of the way through the book and it's quite slow-going. I remain determined to finish...but I don't know when that will be.

My first audiobook for the year is Before Your Memory Fades, which is the third book in the Before the Coffee Gets Cold series. These books totally have a time travel angle to them, but one that is significantly limited. I had inadvertently started this series as an audiobook and now I feel committed to go through all of the books in this manner.

Lastly, my active comic book project is working through all of the Trials of X collected editions of the various X-titles. This current arc isn't the best and you can feel the weight of maintaining this Krakoan continuity for so long beginning to show narrative cracks here and there. I have no shortage of other titles to read, but it helps to go through a particular series in a quasi-focused manner.

What are you all reading this year?