02C8E: Asthma Weather

Monday - Cabbage Soup

We're halfway through January and the current colder weather season is totally kicking my ass. I haven't had to regularly use my asthma inhaler in quite a while (at least outside of my Singapore trips) but I've needed to lean on it ever since the New Year. Initially, I thought it was just because I had broken keto over the holidays as staying low carb has done wonders for keeping my asthma down. But I've been pretty good for the most part and things have only changed slightly. I'm hoping for the best as I totally don't miss needing to puff. But I will make sure to keep another inhaler handy, especially with another work trip just around the corner. 

But I am feeling a lot better this week versus last week. I even managed a longer yoga flow this morning as opposed to the 15-minute sets I've been limiting myself to throughout most of last week. I think I'll finally get to try jogging this week if my breathing continues to improve. But I recognize that rather depends on the weather and if we'll continue to have sharply cold nights.

It's rather ironic that I actually love the weather right now and I'd totally want to jog in this sort of crisper air. Why my lungs don't agree with my brain on this matter is beyond me. But I am rather stubborn, so I'll figure out a path forward one way or another. And I really want to add more cardio to my daily routine. 

Apart from Moving, we've also started watching the first season of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. I'm not the biggest fan of the "Monsterverse" as it's called, but this is proving to be pretty fun. I wish they would up the amount of monsters featured, but I do appreciate the street-level narrative that shows us more of this world that routinely has to deal with giant creatures emerging from a hollow Earth.