02C98: End of Strap Life (Again)

Thursday - Shake Shack

I've been complaining about my Fitbit's strap being a little wonky as of late and today marks the first time that it has popped off my wrist. This is not the first time this has happened to me though. I seem to repeatedly reach this point with my various Fitbit devices when the strap starts to give way when twisting or flexing the wrong way causes the strap to pop off. And boom, I see my Fitbit on the floor. The sensor continues to work okay, but it's these straps that don't seem to last all that long.

To deal with eventual strap death, I try my best to maintain an inventory of extra straps of questionable quality (read: China imports) because the official straps are (1) harder to get for my older Fitbit Sense and (2) only last a bit longer than the third-party ones. I thought I had at least one more strap in stock, but the package turned out to contain my original Fitbit strap that I had already retired. I forget why I bothered to keep that one, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm without a spare and any replacement won't arrive in time for my Singapore work trip next week. 

I ordered extra straps anyway and they'll arrive while I'm away. I don't expect them to arrive sooner as they're coming from out of the country and that's just how it is. I tried to find in-country alternatives, but none of them were specifically compatible with my Fitbit Sense - naturally, there's more support for the Fitbit Sense 2. I just need it to survive the next 10 days with the biggest risks being (1) it falling off my wrist while I sleep, (2) it snapping off while we're at O Bar, and (3) other cases of the strap giving way during any of my daily workouts. But if this is anything like my previous straps, it's going to be a close call either way. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to pick up a decent alternative while in Singapore or something just so I stop stressing out over it. I could make a Market! Market! run before the flight just in case any of the shops there might possibly carry Fitbit-compatible straps, but I'm not very hopeful. These trackers are rather niche and no longer officially sold in the region.

More and more, I'm really considering changing to a different fitness tracker that has better options in this country. I'm reluctant because my actual sensor is working just fine - it's the accessories that are repeatedly giving way and this has been an ongoing issue across the Fitbit devices I've owned over the years. If anyone has recommendations for great Android-compatible smartwatches that support my moderately (but not aggressively athletic) lifestyle, drop me a message!