02C84: Geeky Weekend Forecast

Friday - Corned Beef and Cabbage

Between the relatively cooler weather at night (and to some extent early in the day) and last night's massage, it was a bit of a struggle to get out of bed. But it was the last workday for the week and obligations have to win out in the end. At least I still managed sole yoga - what I haven't done is get some actual jogging time in this week for more cardio and to better stress test the new earbuds. We'll get there eventually.

We have a very board games-focused weekend ahead with game sessions scheduled for tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Tonight we're gaming with one of our Friday friends who live within BGC. Then tomorrow is our first monthly meetup for the year with the larger FGTC. Then Sunday we'll be gaming with the family after our initially scheduled RPG got cancelled.

My main non-gaming thing this weekend is getting a pedicure and foot spa, but that doesn't exactly eat up a lot of time. It's just as well given what limited time we have left outside all of these game plans. When am I even going to get my reading done? Haha

Expect shorter blog posts over the next few days given the general lack of free time.