02C8C: Weekend Game Log

Saturday - Magic: the Gathering Commander Game

We had a pretty good game night last night even if we didn't get to play too much. We had our mixed Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings Magic: the Gathering Commander session and the Timey-Wimey deck managed to win. I tried to ease off the need to win when playing Commander, especially when mixing and matching Commander decks from different franchises as they're not quite designed to work together. It's fun to just try and see how things will play out when you try this or that. The sheer randomness that comes with the Commander format really leads to big swings this or that way so you just roll with it.

We still got to play a few board games. We tried out the silly Huat's Up party game that really does a great job of gamifying the lo hei tradition for Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore. Then on the more serious front, we had another session of Dune: Imperium - Uprising and I'm still getting used to all the changes they made to the core Dune: Imperium system. I'm still enjoying the game. I just wish I had a better win rate by now.

Then after our friends left, we still played through the penultimate chapter of Dune: House Secrets, a mystery game that uses the same Detective game system we already enjoyed. This particular story game has been generally enjoyable but I don't know if it was the best way to go about things. It feels less like a big central mystery to a slowly unfolding story with occasional bits of narrative railroading. This particular chapter felt rather limited versus some of the others and I only hope that things end on a stronger note.

We've been pretty chill for today in preparation for another O Bar event night tonight. We just enjoyed a Sariwon lunch while watching another episode of Moving, our current K-Drama. It's proving to be a very clever show and today's episode was a very good one. We then got to blitz through all 5 episodes of the Echo mini-series on Disney Plus. It was a pretty good show and started strong with an effort to explore a very personal story tied to Echo and oddly enough, the Kingpin. But the ending felt a little awkward as it shifted to re-align with other MCU/Disney+ projects at the cost of its own story. This show probably needed a few more episodes to tell its full story and thus things got a little squishy at the end.

Have a good weekend, folks. And for others, we'll see you at O Bar in a bit!