02C99: Friday Squeeze

Friday - Sayote Mix

Update: I have an interim solution that should get me through the next two weeks. I found that I had one of the shorter variant strap for my Fitbit and it just happened to be the one that has been repeatedly popping out. It's just enough to fit my wrist but I'll have to be careful as I have broken a strap like this previously - this is why I stick to the Large-size straps for comfort. But this should hold for the most part and that's all I need at this point. I already ordered replacement bands and they should arrive next week and all will be well once I get back from Singapore. Now I don't feel pressured to buy a band in Singapore or totally upgrade to a new smartwatch...at least not yet.

We had a bunch of other board games and Transformers deliveries arrive today and that resulted in us shuffling things around to squeeze out a bit more space. The biggest storage albatross around my neck are all my Transformers still in their boxes that I've yet to find the time to photograph and re-home. My existing Transformers bins are already quite full so that delayed my unboxing efforts while I considered what to do next. Now we have the bulk of the Transformers purchased in 2023 still in boxes and they all take up more space than they should. I know if I addressed those, at least, that should free up some shelves that really should be storing board games instead of these Transformers awaiting their fate. But the bigger concern here is figuring out a longer-term solution and that probably means considering moving or maybe just renting a storage space that I can use to supplement the collection? That second idea feels a little bonkers. 

Something to think about as a medium-term problem in need of a longer-term solution. 

Anyway, enough of this. We have a game night set for tonight and we could all use some fun gaming after a full workweek. And with my flight to Singapore coming up, I need to rack up more physical gaming time before I'm constrained to digital/online board games instead.