02C50: Tooth-Day Tuesday

Tuesday - Legendary What If...

So I finally got my partial denture to fill in the gap left after my cracked molar had been extracted. It only took 3 months to get to this point, but I'm happy it's finally settled. Now I just need to get used to wearing this thing, which is a modest adventure in itself. Learning how to insert and remove it was definitely a weird experience and I'm glad that the dentist was patient with me. It feels particularly snug when it's freshly inserted but over time it doesn't feel as alien. But thus far I never stop feeling there's something in my mouth. At times my tongue brushes against the appliance and it makes me feel like I had eaten some very sticky candy and now it's stuck to the upper part of my mouth. Very weird.

But it was a joy to be able to eat on the left side of my mouth again - something I've avoided for over 3 years ever since I cracked it in the first place. I got to try it out over dinner and it didn't feel too weird. But I was very conscious about either getting food trapped between the denture and my teeth/gums or simply knocking it out entirely while eating. It's a very unusual situation and forces one to be a lot more conscious of how you eat. But I'm sure the strangeness will pass.

I'm still glad I've finally settled this and I'm getting pretty good at taking it off and putting it back on. I'll have to go through my very first cleaning session before I go to bed and I already stocked up on the denture cleaning tablets (which are rather expensive!) but I'll see if I'll either experiment with using half a tablet per cleaning session or maybe just see if I can find somewhere to source them for a cheaper price. The rates between Watsons and SM Supermarket were already quite significant (SM was surprisingly cheaper!) so I guess there's a bit of hope on that front. 

But I will take all the advice seriously and do my best to take care of this for as long as possible. At least I can eat (more-or-less) normally again and more importantly, getting things settled this quickly means I'll prevent the nearby teeth from moving into the gap (or collapsing entirely), so that's the bigger health issue in question.

Lastly, our copy of Legendary: What If...? arrived and this already put our existing BCW storage system to the test. We still have space for more cards in the bins but it's already getting a bit snug. To be fair, I've also arranged things such that we're also storing our playmats in one of the sections that could hold a good number of cards instead. This is definitely a beast of a game that continues to grow and my efforts to keep things under control will continue to evolve over time...unless we give up on this game (which is unlikely).