02C45: Friday Night Magic

Friday - Roasted Pork Chops

We've made it to the end of the week. We have a game tonight. And we already have another game schedule set for tomorrow. Along with our Sunday online RPG session, it should be a pretty good weekend but not too crazy. 

It's kinda bonkers to think that one of the main gaming agenda items tonight is to play more of the Magic: the Gathering Universes Beyond deck. Our friend has quipped that he needs to get ROI for his Lord of the Rings Commander decks and I might as well get some play for my Doctor Who decks. With the 60th anniversary right around the corner, I suppose it does feel nice to reengage with the franchise in this manner. Plus I've come to appreciate what they say about the Commander format being a lot closer to board gaming than other iterations of Magic. At least I haven't felt the itch to modify these decks just yet - now that's the slippery slope that will lead to ruin.

On this note, we really need to cycle in more games involving our different Legendary deckbuilding games and even our many installments of Smash-Up. Both are pretty solid games in their own right and play to the same strengths of a CCG without the traditional "collecting" methodology. Instead, you work with whichever cards that come with the expansion or the faction and just roll with it, which is a challenge that does feel closer to what Commander is doing. 

Happy Friday.