02C54: Weekend Gaming Notes


Saturday - Donut Shop

Disclaimer: People were too tired to actually play the Donut Shop game

Last night was pretty fun. We had one round of Magic: the Gathering, followed by a session of Bamboo, along with Apiary as oir final game of the night. That's a pretty respectable mix of games for a Friday night game night.

The Magic session was interesting as it was the first time we tried playing a mixed table of Doctor Who and The Lord of the Rings decks in a single session as we usually play sessions dedicated to one or the other. It certainly added a different level of challenge to things and you could really feel the speed differences between some of the decks - or it was just the luck of the draw as Commander decks can get pretty wild.

We have another big game night tonight, so that's sure to be fun. It's our monthly FGTC meetup, which gaming well past sunrise. We only have an online RPG session in the afternoon tomorrow, so we can afford to push ourselves a bit further in the name of geeky fun.

I hope you all have a fun weekend as well.