02C5C: Sunday Brain Dump

Sunday - O Bar Friends

Last night at O Bar was a lot of fun and memorable for many reasons. It was a mostly positive experience with one rather surprising (and admittedly scary) moment, but on the whole, it was great. As always, I wished that more of our friends had been able to join us for the celebration of the birthdays of two of the talented performers but the last quarter of the year is a busy time of the year and this was a long weekend (for most) to boot. Regardless, we still had a lot of fun and that's what matters.

December is right around the corner and beyond the holidays, it also means O Bar's anniversary is fast approaching. And it's this time of the year that I start to get a little mushy about the bar. Just thinking about last night's performances has me kind of wanting to write about some of them and share my thoughts in more detail. I'm sure the casual guest of the bar won't really appreciate some of the nuances of some of the performances - nuances that you only grow into appreciating with repeat visits to O Bar. I'm not sure if that's something I'd post here, directly on social or maybe on one of our other (non-active) blogs like the Geeky Guide or Baduy Pride. If any of you have suggestions (or requests), do let me know.

Today has been rather slow, which is to be expected after an epic O Bar night like that. Thankfully, we only had to roll out of bed for an online Pendragon RPG session as our main activity of the day. That game was fun and went pretty well (I think) and we have at least one more session for this campaign within 2023.

Man, the year is almost over.

There are so many other things I want to write about but I can't quite capture any of those fleeting thoughts long enough to set them to print. I do worry that this blog is getting a little redundant given how my updates can get rather repetitive. I've even repeated blog titles and even blog captions on more than one occasion. But the main "function" of this blog has been an end-of-day brain dump to help me organize my thoughts and my feelings about said thoughts. And thus it becomes inevitably mundane by design. However, I do want to flex my writing muscles a bit more here and there and write about things at greater length or at least more substantially. But I don't always have the head space for it after a workday or other times I want to keep the writing short so I can move on and do other things. My taking more time to blog means Tobie needing to wait a bit longer before we can do something together.

Last note - things I want to write about somewhere:

  • A review of recent shows we love
  • Comparing Tobie to K-Drama characters
  • More board game reviews
  • Interviews/discussions with the current roster of O Bar performers