02C51: Wednesday Game Arrivals

Wednesday - Zoo Tycoon

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how busy this weekend feels given we had a work holiday on Monday. So naturally, all other meetings and tasks have been condensed into the remaining days. Time flies when you're having fun...or you have back-to-back meetings. At least I feel super productive regardless, even though there are still other things that I need to work through.

We had a big Kickstarter game drop this morning - our copies of Moon (which included add-on copies of Villagers and Streets plus most of their expansions) and the rather massive Zoo Tycoon. Thanks to Board Game Arena, I've already had a chance to play Villagers and Streets, so there's a degree of familiarity there. I'm pretty eager to get the physical games to the table as I think they'll be received pretty well by our friends. Moon is still a bit of a mystery and is probably the most complicated of the three games from that designer, but it has also gotten a lot of good buzz, so that's exciting. Zoo Tycoon is also a monster of a game that feels more simulationist than the likes of Ark Nova (despite how complex this game is). But let's face it, I mainly got it because of the sheer number of animal meeples that it comes with (take that New York Zoo!) but I think this will still appeal to our friends in terms of its strategic potential. 

I'm already distracted by the desire to get the right-sized card sleeves for these games (as appropriate). The cards for Villagers and streets have a fair bit of bend fresh out of the box and I think sleeving will make me feel better about things. Zoo Tycoon has pretty large animal cards (tarot-sized) that I don't think I want to sleeve and I already had sleeves that worked with the Event and Donor cards, so that's settled. At the very least, all of these games are pretty well-thought-out in terms of internal design and I've been able to fit all components in neatly including any promos or expansions that came with the sets. 

We didn't have time to try any of these games tonight because of our scheduled Invisible Sun online RPG session. Still a good way to spend the day, but of course all these new games (plus a copy of Petrichor that Tobie had ordered this week) are kind of burning a hole in our brains until we manage to get them to the table a few times. This is the burden of having such a large board game collection.

Maybe we'll manage to steal time tomorrow for some of the shorter games or something as we have plans in the evening. We have game nights on Friday and Saturday but Friday has some Magic: The Gathering mixed in and that will take up time. Saturday is our best bet, but it would be nice to test out some of the bigger games before we throw them at friends. Having learning games on our own remains important to figuring out how the rules come together beyond just reading the manual a few times. 

Such is our geeky life.