02C49: Tuesday Fitting

Tuesday - Denture Mold

I pulled another half day at work today because of yet another dental follow-up. Today I finally got to try on the initial wax denture for my extracted tooth. the actual replacement tooth fit well enough, which is kinda like magic in itself. The sides were a bit uncomfortable, but the dentist mentioned this is normal since it's still the thicker wax mold. The material will be thinner once it's "cooked/baked" - at least that's the explanation she was trying to reassure me with. I should get the final denture by next week, and then I'll be able to chew on both sides of my mouth again. What a relief that'll be.

And she also said I could keep the mold of my teeth. That would be super cool. LOL

Tobie left the Sietch early this morning and made it to Pangasinan just as I was starting my work day. I got through today without accidentally locking myself out of the unit or anything like that, so that's good. I have plenty of leftovers in the fridge so that will alleviate some of the need to cook. Normally I cook lunch and Tobie cooks dinner, but today I had leftover tinola for lunch and then cooked something quick for dinner. I may stick to this routine this week until Tobie gets back on Saturday. 

In the meantime, I'm trying to watch Midnight Mass on my own since Tobie had already seen it at some time. I plan on working on O Bar media for the rest of the night along with reading more Cells at Work in order to catch up on my reading goals somethow. 

Quiet week ahead at the Sietch.