02C5B: Multi-Geeking

Saturday - Dango

I've always been one to delineate between being a nerd and being a geek. For me, being a nerd is more about intellectual aptitude and interest. Being a geek is about passion and love for a thing - or many things. And that last bit is the really fun part - the fact that you can be geekily passionate about more than one thing.

I wonder about that at times - how would people best identify me as a geek? These days, the part that's most obvious is the passion for board games that Tobie and I share. I dedicate a lot of social updates to our games and a lot of our weekend schedules prioritize different game sessions as well. And that's not wrong - we really do enjoy our board game time.

But there are so many other things.

Star Trek is probably one of my oldest fandoms. I actually got hooked on re-runs of the original series first but I suppose Deep Space Nine was a show that I truly got to start. I've stuck with the franchise over the years across different forms of media and the only area that I've not been that great at is maybe the cosplay aspect of things? And I have to admit, I do have an interest in someday working on having a good roster of uniforms from different eras because why not, right?

But another big one is Doctor Who, which is sort of what triggered this recent reflection while I was walking around BGC earlier. It's one of my more recent fandoms but one that has resonated with me on a surprisingly deep level. Ever since I first watched Blink, that was it - I was hooked. And while not all of it is great, that's part of the design of things. The franchise can be quite wibbly-wobbly, but that's part of the charm. And covers everything from cheesy foam backgrounds to questionable narrative directions. It's still a bit mission of mine to watch as much Classic Doctor Who as possible eventually - for now I've been reading the novelizations of the serials to get an indirect experience of things.

And then there are other passions like the Battlestar Galactica reboot series, the BattleTech books, and the Fringe TV series. And the list sort of goes on like the Dresden Files books and more recently the Reacher franchise.

And don't get me started on my love for The Expanse

So I dunno - I really love a lot of things. And as new shows come along, my interests shift. But certain fandoms just stick out and stand the test of time. That's the really interesting bit - which fandoms deepen and stick with me even when the show finishes its run or new books stop getting published.

What do you love?