02C48: More Like Normal

Monday - SaladStop!

It was such a relief to get through one of my usual yoga flows this morning after a week of inactivity. My weird flu totally threw me off and today was my first day back to feeling properly "normal", at least physically. It wasn't the most difficult yoga flow or anything, but it still felt good to go through the poses, work up a serious sweat, and just get my body to loosen up a bit more. We'll see how the rest of the week will go in terms of physical activity. 

Tobie's going to be out of town for most of the week, so all the more I need to stay on my game. It's easier to wake up when your partner helps to nudge you out of bed because your multiple alarms are waking him up instead. I always get nervous about waking up too late to work out - or worse, too late for my shift. Expect even more alarms to be ringing around the Sietch as additional insurance.

I'm only working half the day tomorrow because of yet another dental appointment. This marks my fifth trip to the dentist this year alone, which more than makes up for my absence during the lockdown period of the pandemic, I suppose. Tomorrow is the first fitting of my new denture for the extracted tooth. If all things go well, They'll be able to confirm the fitting and then properly bake it before one more visit in another week or so. This whole process is taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but at least it feels like the end is in sight. Then I'll just have to deal with actually getting used to having a removable fake tooth in my mouth. And I know that that will come with its own unique maintenance requirements, which is going to be even more fun.

As I often end up saying here, one thing at a time.