02C58: Pivoting to Better Things

Wednesday - Pork Sinigang

It's rather frustrating that after doing a workout that is literally called a Basic Burner, I find myself aching all over the next day. I used to do more strenuous workouts regularly and now my recovery periods between greater activity feel a lot longer - or at least move a lot slower. While I know some degree of soreness is to be expected after any serious workout, I also know that it just takes one wrong twist and I end up aggravating things from soreness to injury. It's a horrible reminder that fitness is somehow trickier as we get older. 

Thankfully, I'm terribly stubborn and I haven't given up. But I could really use a massage right now.

My work calendar was super loaded today, but there were a number of good points amid all that. None of the meetings were "bad" - just work-related. But our last meetings for the day were all about good news, and that was pretty energizing. My calendar is much lighter tomorrow, so it'll make a good contrast to things. It all balances out. 

Today we have a quick Invisible Sun RPG session via Discord. This is one of our newer campaigns that gets a fair amount done in these short sessions. Mid-week gaming is always a little tricky but it does make for a fun transition into the end of the workweek. Hump Day gaming rocks.