02C5A: 60 Year Geeky Birthday

Friday - Leftover Tinola

Welcome to the end of another workweek. It's also Thanksgiving weekend in the US, so it's a longer weekend for folks who celebrate the holiday (or work in a company that does). Either way, there are good times ahead for everyone one way or another.

It's Doctor Who's 60th anniversary this week, and I'm feeling very Whovian. I'm still hoping that the news of Disney+ getting Doctor Who episodes will apply to the Philippines because that'll make watching the new shows (and rewatching the older ones) a heck of a lot easier. But yeah, I keep falling into the trap of queuing Doctor Who clip shows on YouTube for me and Tobie to geek out over. Just today we watched this massively fulfilling compilation of River Song's story in properly chronological order including bits from after the last night on Darillium. 

We also finally watched The Power of the Doctor, which is the last of the special episodes featuring Jodie Whitaker as the 13th Doctor. That episode...was surprisingly good. And it was far better than almost anything from the 13th's entire run. It's hard to explain, but it felt like a truly proper Doctor Who episode and it's not just because of cameos by past Doctors and Companions. It was a totally great sendoff for Jodie and a great springboard for whatever they're going to throw at us this weekend for the 60th anniversary. 

Otherwise, it's a game night tonight, even just a short one. We have an O Bar night scheduled for tomorrow and another online RPG session on Sunday. That means a bit less gaming than we'd like, but we'll manage that on our own. I think we can squeeze in some 2-player gaming tomorrow before O Bar but after my foot spa appointment in the afternoon.

Good times, as always.