02C47: Quick Game Updates

Sunday - Legendary

Tobie and I played a couple of games on our own last night and it was a pretty enjoyable experience (of course). We finished the prologue scenario of Dune House Secrets and got 2 out of the 3 final questions right. I appreciate the extra effort put into making the game feel very in tune with the movie and the franchise as a whole. But Tobie did make a good point when he pointed out how the narratives on pretty much every card seem to be overloaded with in-universe references in some effort to really stress that this is all happening in the Dune universe. It's a good thing and a bad thing, I suppose.

Then we tried out Fit to Print, which is another Flatout Games creation, but not necessarily one that involves a blind bag draw. Instead, we have a massive pool of newspaper titles in the middle of the table and the core mechanic is a simultaneous drafting system similar to games like Galaxy Trucker. The game prescribed certain time limits based on how difficult we might want the game to be, but by the final Sunday edition round, the "relaxed" time suggestion felt very insufficient. The game also includes some solitaire puzzles that I might try to explore this week while Tobie's away on a work trip.

Our final game for the night involved more of the Legendary deck-building game. We still have so many expansions to explore and we just have to go through things one at a time. Our first run with the Messiah Complex expansion didn't get a full taste of the new stuff as the desire to make the most of the new X-Force cards resulted in the game still feeling more Dark City. Our second game with the Dr. Strange expansion felt a lot more thematic and we really appreciated the new magic users introduced in the set including a very aggressive version of the titular Doctor. 

It's just as well that we had a pretty hearty game night as our afternoon RPG session got canceled at the last minute. Since then, we at least watched the more recent Death on the Nile movie adaptation and we'll probably try to squeeze in a few more tabletop games before we call it a night.