02C4C: Out-of-Phase Long Weekend

Friday - Leftovers

Welcome to the end of another busy workweek. And this time around, I get to look forward to a long weekend since it's a holiday in Singapore on Monday. I didn't get any of the holidays last week, so this counts for something. But since Tobie will have work, it's not like I'll make big plans of any sort. At the very least, I'll have time to work on more of the Folded Space inserts that had just arrived today. 

I finally ordered out for dinner in order to save myself some time tonight. Ordering keto-appropriate food for myself can be quite expensive at times (especially when I order from keto-friendly stores) but I figured I deserved a bit of an indulgence for the end of the week. That leaves me to consider my options for tomorrow as Tobie won't get home until pretty late. I should cook...but we'll see.

A friend is already here for a few games. Our commitment for the night is to use the time to learn new games while Tobie is away so it's easier to teach when the rest of our regular Friday group assembles. Tobie and I do the same thing when it's just the two of killing time at the Sietch, so this should work out. 

I'm not 100% decided on what I'm going to do tomorrow, but I suspect a lot of reading and processing O Bar videos will be involved.