02C4B: Digitally Social

Thursday Corned Beef

When you working from home alone and your day is filled with meetings, it can feel a tad weird that you still feel tired from all that talking but have only an empty condo unit for company. Such is the nature of modern work - a lot of effort is invested into talking to people on your computer screen even if you don't have anyone else to talk to after work. This is only a temporary situation for me since Tobie is just out of town for the week for a work trip and all. But yeah, just a bit weird. 

I'm currently watching Midnight Mass after work to help pass the time and to fill up the silence of the Sietch. This show isn't quite as scary as the prior shows The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, which is a bit of a blessing, I suppose. I respect the sort of storytelling Flanagan tries to execute but I'm also terrible with very scary stuff. So at least this one isn't too crazy (so far?) and I can handle it even without Tobie. I'm already well past the mid-point and the "twist" feels a little...silly? Or maybe it's easier to dismiss than the earlier shows that felt a lot closer to home. 

One more full work day before the weekend. Then some games in the evening. Then Tobie should get back from his trip sometime on Saturday, and then we'll all trek to O Bar in the evening.