02C55: Celebration-Filled Gaming

Sunday - Longganisa

It's the end of another good weekend and I feel so tired. That's understandable given we gamed all night and still have an online game session today, so Tobie and I have racked up a bit of sleep debt. I promise we'll go to bed a little earlier in order to be properly rested for the new workweek tomorrow.

Our overnight FGTC game session was great (as always) despite a somewhat smaller roster of players for this month's meet-up. Apart from a lot of fun games, we also try to celebrate special occasions whenever we meet. This month's main celebration was remembering a dear friend for her birthday and it was nice to have a moment for her. But what was genuinely surprising was that they also got us a crepe cake to celebrate our 14th anniversary Add in the dayap cake for the birthday and the mango bravo we had the night before, I have not been very keto this weekend. But hey, anniversaries are a good time to celebrate and relax a little. I'll just have to play catch-up for the rest of the week, or the month, or the year haha

For the curious, our roster of games over the past 24 hours included Order Overload: Cafe, Disney Animated, Apiary, Pick-a-Dog & Pick-a-Pig, Donut Shop, Bamboo, Town 77, Villagers, and finally Petrichor. And while we didn't get to play the really big games that we had brought with us like Tapestry and Caverna, at least we got to try three new games for the first time and generally introduced the group to a lot of games that were new to them. But there are still other games in our collection that we want to continue to cycle through and we'll really need to work on finding the time to play them. 

Case in point, one of the big games that I'm feeling pressured to try is the board game adaptation of Zoo Tycoon that is pretty daunting but should still be fun. I also have the newer Moon to explore and Tobie has added a People Power war game that is going to be a challenge to wrap our heads around. And there are countless expansions that modify a lot of different games we have that we've yet to test out as we keep needing to teach the base game to friends in order to get them ready for more content. 

But all that will have to wait for another day - at least not tonight.