02C46: High Game Density Weekend

Saturday - The Quest for El Dorado

Good gaming this weekend thus far.

Last night, we indeed played a round of Lord of the Rings Magic: the Gathering and one round of Doctor Who - for which I managed to win both 3-way matches. And we still played another introductory game of Apiary as we continue to spread the space bee love with the rest of our gaming circle. That already made for a very full night of gaming, so we wrapped up things there.

Today was both a family book club day and an errand Saturday, so that made for a full morning. But what was funnier was that after lunch with the family, we also pivoted to learning a board game together - this being The Quest for El Dorado. Thankfully, it's an easy enough deck-building game to learn and teach, so we got rolling pretty quickly.

Tonight we arranged another first-time in-person meetup with a friend who had been wanting to join one of our game nights for some time. We had been prepared to start with simpler gateway games to ease him in, but it turned out that he had some decent background with a few other games, so that helped us dive into somewhat more complex games. Our roster of games included Cascadia, the newer Imperial Miners, and finally a light round of a game called Mountain Goats

As that was a relatively shorter game session (at least by our standards), Tobie and I still plan to play more games tonight and see where that takes us. My nomination is for us to finally start the campaign game Dune: House Secrets which uses the Detective game system developed by Portal Games. We're not aiming to finish the entire campaign tonight, but I foresee us playing through at least the prologue and the first case, maybe? We'll see how things go.

Happy weekend, everyone.