02C4D: Game Organization Increases Playability

Saturday - Folded Space Inserts

When I started composing this blog post, I was planning to frame it around Tobie nearly being home. But then he arrived as I was starting to really go for it, so that made things a bit moot. So what do I say instead?

The past 24 hours have been productive in a different way. Our learning game night with a friend pushed through and the two of us learned how to play Bamboo together, then we wrapped things up by me teaching him how to play Smash Up. It was a fairly short game night, but it was still a good one.

Smash Up coming back into gaming circulation along with the likes of Legendary are both testaments to my recent efforts to figure out more robust storage solutions so that games that continue to grow like these can still be organized and thus remain playable. We had fallen off the wagon for these two game lines (and probably others) and that was making me feel bad since they're all still quite fun. But thankfully, the new card storage bins I've acquired seem to have really helped and now we're cycling these games back into the mix of things once more. 

On a related note, this also ties to all the Folded Space inserts I've been acquiring. Sure, the main reason for those is still game consolidation in order to free up space (for more games lol), but these organizers also go a long way towards making the games easier to transport and thus play. Plus they often include player-specific containers that also help to speed up game setup, so that's cool too. I don't think I'm going to get custom inserts for every single game we own since most still have decent storage solutions right out of the box. It's really the games that have multiple expansions that begin to suffer under the weight of their growing scale and it's not like they had designed the original game box to accommodate all the expansions they later come out with. 

I have already assembled the inserts for Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North and Village, and I'm super happy with how much space this has created. I have one more space-saving insert - the one for Five Tribes. There are two other inserts that I've acquired, but they're more just for improving organization for two games near and dear to Tobie's heart. And I still have the long weekend to work on these. And honestly, I'm super excited to work through these.

Now I feel I can properly say: Have a good weekend, everyone. I know mine is going to go great because Tobie's already home.