02C52: Goodbye, Comixology

Thursday - Keto Mushroom Pasta

Yesterday I received an email from Comixology (now really Kindle Comics) that the Comixology App is being shut down next month and we'll now do all of our digital comic book reading via the Kindle App. This was sort of inevitable ever since Amazon more fully absorbed Comixology into their platform last year and killed the independent Comixology website domain. At this point, it's more nostalgically painful for me than as legitimately infuriating the initial Amazon transition was as it was obvious even last year that the updated Comixology app had been built on the same framework as the Kindle app. 

The past year was rough since it took a while before things got to a decently usable level. The web-based comics reading experience via the Kindle Cloud Reader web app was initially untenable, but over time it became decent again with the return of Guided View at least. You still can't view your comics on the web by title/series but at least the reading experience works. The updated Comixology app was very buggy at the start as well but in time things got better and I also noted how the Kindle App was trying to catch up with how it handled the comics side of things. But by 4 December, we just won't have a choice.

At this point, I've long since resigned myself to the fact that this is the way things are going to go and I'm too invested in the whole "Kindle Comics" ecosystem to shift now. And while a lot of the changes have been annoying, at least things are decently functional again and I continue to buy digital comic book titles and I continue to read digital comics across desktop and mobile interfaces. I'm just going to soon lose the iconic X-logo Comixology app on my phone - the very app that had the audacity to simply name itself "Comics" because it really did become synonymous with the comic book reading experience on devices over the years.

Last unrelated bit, just as I had celebrated new games arriving yesterday, another three board games from another Kickstarter project arrived this afternoon. Just when I thought I had been making great progress in terms of saving space for new games...all these other new games arrived to add to my queue. What a delightfully geeky problem to have.