02C4E: Home Weekend

Sunday - O Bar Crew

We had a great time at O Bar last night. Of course, the show was great and that was definitely a key highlight. But we also managed to assemble a fun group of friends for the night despite a lot of our regulars being unavailable for this weekend. And given Tobie had endured an 8+ hour land trip home from Vigan, I definitely wanted him to have a good night. 

I love that O Bar is running collateral for their upcoming 18th anniversary with the tagline "Your Home", which is super true. I've blogged a lot about how we always feel like we do our best to try to have O Bar time before and after any major trip and how we also make time during the holidays to go as well. It goes beyond the friends we bring along with us but more so the people who make all the magic happen at O Bar itself. I've been going to O ever since Tobie and I started dating, so there is also that sense that our relationship has strong ties to the bar's continuing legacy. 

So yeah, it was nice to be home again this weekend with Tobie being back home as well.

Today, Tobie and I slept in a bit but still managed to wake up in time for our afternoon online Pendragon RPG session. Tobie definitely needed more rest after the combination of his long trip home plus everything that an O Bar night demands of anyone. But it has been a pretty good Sunday on the whole with good quality for us, a fun RPG session and even me having assembled another Folded Space insert - this time the one for Five Tribes

We're running low on consumables, so we ended up ordering out for both lunch and dinner today. We'll see when we can squeeze in grocery time this week, although I was hoping to catch a movie or two tomorrow after Tobie finishes work - gotta make the most of my work holiday after all. And we wrapped up the day by watching the Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead live-action movie, which was pretty entertaining but also very Japanese in concept.

Things definitely feel like they're back in alignment for sure.