02C5D: A Nice Monday Night

Monday - Sashimi

When we go for grocery runs at SM Aura, the most practical dinner option is the mini-fast food area beside the grocery itself. It has very limited options and terrible seating, but it gets the job done. Before we'd alternate with the fancier Food on Four food court, but that's been undergoing renovations for a couple of months now. 

There are times we indulge and try a restaurant, but most establishments in SM Aura are very keto-unfriendly. And the few options that can accommodate me tend to be more expensive. Case in point, today we opted to skip the grocery food court and went to the Japanese buffet place that we rather like. It's definitely rather indulgent given how much it costs, but since we mainly order sashimi and beef teppan, we theoretically break even at least. We haven't gone in a while - which is something that one of the waiters mentioned to us once we were seated. 

Despite a number of things being unavailable, we had a good dinner. And the waiter who remembered us was extra attentive, so we made sure to leave a good tip. As much as it was indulgent, at least it felt like a special experience. If you're going to eat at a restaurant, you might as well have a good time, right? But as long as they have that waiter on the staff, I think we're going to make sure to make regular visits. 

We tried to kickstart our Christmas shopping before we went to the supermarket, but I don't quite feel like I'm in the right headspace for it. We at least got some initial presents for our gaming meet-up this weekend, so that's the urgent item settled. But there's still the larger challenge of Christmas gifts for the family and for the O Bar folks among others, so we have a long way to go. We're not the most indulgent Christmas shoppers, but we do try to be thoughtful. And I tend to look for inspiration in the stores themselves. We don't always get Christmas gift suggestions but those suggestions to help us think of what else to get, so I kinda need them as part of my holiday "process" - and we didn't see a lot of them on shelves just yet.

We should really be smart about things and go online for some of these things, but we'll see how things go. The holidays are fast coming upon us indeed.