02C4A: Home Updates

Wednesday - Sayote Stir Fry

Yesterday, errands and chores forced me out of the Sietch a few times, even if just to go down to the basement of our condo. I haven't left the unit at all today. At the very least, I did open the door for a drinking water delivery and that's about it. This is pretty typical weekday behavior, even more so that Tobie is out and I'm trying to avoid ordering out. So I really don't have a reason to go out apart from maybe finding the motivation to jog as exercise?

After last week's bout with the flu, my level of physical activity dipped while I was in recovery. This week I'm eager to get back to normal but I'm also cognizant of the need to pace myself. So I've been sticking to yoga for now, but I am pushing with more challenging flows and not just the slower yin yoga I was limiting myself to at the tail end of last week. So I'm not sure if I want to jog this week, especially with Tobie being out.

My number 1 fear, as always, is locking myself out of the unit and not having options for getting back in until Tobie gets back from his work trip. It's a largely irrational fear since I'm pretty good at making sure I have my keys every time I step out. However, keeping a healthy amount of paranoia does help to keep me in check. All it takes is one slip-up to leave me locked out haha

But hey, it's a short enough time to wait. Tobie will be home soon enough.