02C56: Monday Mental Musings

Monday - Salmon

 It's the time of the month when we have more meetings than normal because of different monthly reviews. It's a necessary part of our work life and despite how short the individual meetings actually are, it still takes a lot. Plus with so many meetings back-to-back, it still takes a fair bit of time. 

The heaviness of the weekend resulted in this being a heavy Monday for different reasons. My yoga session in the morning helped me to shake off most of the cobwebs but it was still a trudge at times. I still got things done, which is what's most important. But yeah, I hope the rest of the week flows better.

On a somewhat related note, I am reading two books that sort of touch one how we deal with the world. There's the super popular Ikigai, which I had picked up on sale at random sometime. The other is our current family book club title, Stolen Focus. They're both proving to be fluffier books than I'd like, but it is becoming interesting to compare and contrast them as they dance around similar subjects. The first one intentionally tries to be more zen and advocates greater mindfulness and intention in life. The latter is a bit more alarmist and I'm still waiting for the author to advocate for a particular path of action. Whining about perceived ills in the world without providing an alternate direction or some sort of legitimate call to action really doesn't do it for me. 

Was this the sort of day that could have benefited from applying the different ideas discussed in either book? Or maybe I'm already applying stuff but just wasn't aware of what I was already doing that lined up with their ideas. Different points of consideration.

We ended the day with a very quick grocery run. We only had to restock particular items as we clearly didn't cook as much as we should have last week with the anniversary celebrations and all. It's rare for a weekly grocery bill to be under P2,000 these days, so I appreciate this minor non-achievement. 

Happy Monday, folks.