02C44: Almost Normal Thursday

Thursday - Keto Pasta

Feeling much better today. While I still have the sniffles, a lot of the feelings of heaviness seem to have passed. I'm still wary of greater exertion as I don't think that my body is totally ready to go full-tilt, so I'm sticking to lighter yoga routines for now. Hopefully, by Monday I can start again. But on the whole, this is good news and it made today's workday a lot easier to get through.

Plus I allowed myself to have coffee again after going without for most of the week.

I hope that next week won't include some other illness or malady. I'm literally sick of not feeling 100% for one reason or another. I can accept getting older means new aches and pains and all that stuff, but not stuff like this. And this is despite my efforts to stay fit through a combination of keto, near-daily workouts, various supplements and even just having a positive mindset. What gives, body?

Anyway, it's almost the weekend and our schedule isn't too crazy so far. We've confirmed that a friend can join us for games tomorrow (kinda last-minute) and our Saturday remains a bit open. Sunday is just an online RPG session...assuming it pushes through without issue. I'm not the only one who has been feeling under the weather as of late. I guess it's also the season for it with relatively colder nights but days hot enough to cause our PLDT modem to overheat.

November is certainly starting out rather interestingly