02C53: 168 Months (If You Prefer)

Friday - Tiong Bahru Chicken

I feel like once you've gotten past the first year or so of your relationship, then you get to stop counting the months and start thinking longer term by counting the years. Today Tobie and I are marking our 14th year together and maybe we're approaching a point where we stop counting the years and start counting the decades instead. It's a rather ambitious way of aligning one's perspective but it could work. Tobie and I are definitely a rather long-term couple.

Today was still a busy workday for both of us, so thus far our biggest indulgence has been to order out for both lunch and dinner. We had Hainanese chicken from Tiong Bahru for lunch and then we had Korean samgyupsal from Sariwon for dinner. The cherry on top is that Tobie has ordered some very non-keto Mango Bravo to share with our gaming group for the night.

And yes, we're going to spend the evening of our anniversary playing board games and Magic: the Gathering because what else would we do on our special day? Of course, we're going to be as geeky as possible today and every day after for another 14 years and then some.

Good times.