02C2B: More Show Endings

Sunday - Pork Chop Lunch

We finally finished What's Wrong With Secretary Kim? and the show as a whole was okay even if the finale felt a little trite. I strongly feel that they had run out of ideas some 2-3 episodes prior and thus were left to fan service to get to the end of the show. But it was still a pretty enjoyable experience - just not among the best we've seen.

We're currently working our way through Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, and it's proving to be just as enjoyable as the main Bridgerton series. I haven't been the biggest Shonda Rhimes fan over the years, but there's just something about how they've reinterpreted the books that makes the whole experience so delightful. Or maybe I'm just the sort of person who enjoyed the likes of Downton Abbey a lot and these shows scratch a similar itch.

If only the Obsession board game were prettier. Then we'd have a matching tabletop game to celebrate these sorts of stories. The closest we have is Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy, which is all about having children and marrying them off strategically in order to continue to grow the family. Over time, there'll be a board game for any aspect of life - real or imagined.

But what's next? This Queen Charlotte series is quite short and we have yet to make a decision in terms of what our next K-drama is going to be. We have one more episode of The Wheel of Time to go, and then we'll be without a big genre show apart from maybe Loki Season 2. A friend keeps recommending Yumi's Cells as our next K-Drama and then other friends are saying The Boys turns out to be very well-written over time. 

Or maybe we should go all the way back to finally watching The Wire or something.