02C38: New Games Update

Saturday - Lost Ruins of Arnak

We had a good short game night last night, which was totally needed after the work week we had all been through. We only really had time to play a round of Cascadia and Lost Ruins of Arnak together with the Expedition Leaders expansion before people had to go. But that still left me and Tobie time to try out two new games - Apaiary and Sequoia

Apiary is the latest release from Stonemaier Games, the same folks who brought Tapestry into my life. While the game was created by a different designer, I can see how the publisher team probably influenced certain aspects to make it feel consistent with the sort of games they publish. The game has an interesting mix of mechanics that come together in a great way and I know it'll be even more exciting at higher player counts. Space bees are fun!

Sequioa is one of many small games by Allplay that I had picked up in a Kickstarter campaign. While our gaming circles tend to enjoy heavier games more often than not, we find that it's pretty helpful to still have some smaller games to help fill in the games of our game nights. This is a pretty simple dice-rolling game, but it could provide some fun here and there. It won win awards, but it'll help with game night diversity for sure. 

Tonight is O Bar's Halloween event, so that'll take up the rest of our time. We still have a few hours before it'll be time to go and I think we can squeeze another session with the space bees before then. 

Have a good weekend, everyone!