02C2C: Monday Notes

Monday Pasta
We just finished watching Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story and ugh, it was so good. I concede that I can be quite the romantic whether I like it or not, and that story ended on a more heartwarming note indeed. But I also recognize that a lot of what we enjoy about the show is probably more a Shonda Rhimes thing more than  because of the books the shows have been inspired by. Still, I'm already going to miss that particular cast of characters as it was only a mini-series spun off from the main Bridgerton show. I had considered reading the books, but Mom said they'd probably be not to my liking, so that's on hold for now. At least the show is fun. 

We've just gotten started on Yumi's Cells as our active K-Drama, but I'm uncertain how to feel about the show based on a single episode. We'll know more once we get through a few more episodes perhaps. 

Work was very Monday, but not overly Monday. One of my big distractions for this week is that all of my Google Ads certifications are due for renewal. It's something that I have to deal with every year. There are other things that we're all juggling here and there, but that's just more work stuff.

The other item of consideration is the fact that Tobie may have a bit of traveling coming up. It's an exciting opportunity, but it will mean more time away across several trip periods. At the very least, it's multiple shorter trips as opposed to one long one, so most of our weekends will remain intact. If anhything, that sort of thing is bound to result in  a lot more stress and effort on Tobie's part, as is the nature of travel. We'll see how that goes.