02C24: In the Room Where It Happened

Sunday - Hamilton Stage

We made it through our very busy weekend without missing any of our appointments nor did we collapse for utter exhaustion. Although to be fair, Tobie did need a power nap after we watched The Last Five Years yesterday and I inadvertently fell asleep after we got home from watching Hamilton today. But those instances do not count as fully "collapsing" since we got home safely in all cases. 

O Bar last night was fun, as always. It was a good show highlighting a lot of the best stuff that we've seen from the birthday celebrant and some new numbers as well. And while we didn't have as many friends with us last night, we managed to assemble our core group at least after a fair amount of time with one or more friends being unable to join us at O. Tobie had stated that we'd try to limit ourselves to just one bottle of vodka in order to keep our wits about us for Hamilton the next afternoon, but of course, we still needed to get a second bottle. It was that sort of a night.

We actually woke up before our alarms, which was a bit surprising given the drinking the night before. After a bit of hydration, we made our wait to Solaire for the Hamilton matinee. Nothing notable for that trip apart from us listening to Kylie's new Tension album during the drive. It was definitely a full show today and every photo opportunity had a bit of a queue. We were a bit more selective of which areas we'd take the time to take photos with and picked up a program and a magnet as souvenirs of the show. This also marks one of the rare times that I broke I promise not to take any photos inside the theater itself by taking that snap of the stage above - but the ushers weren't stopping anyone else from taking selfies with the stage as their backdrop, so I guess it was actually okay.

The show itself was great! As much as we've all watched the recorded Hamilton performance on Disney+ by now, it's still different to watch a live production of the play. And this Australian touring group made sure to hold themselves to the standard of the Broadway production. We enjoyed it from start to finish and got a bit weepy here and there but also laughed at the King George bits. No matter how well you know a show, every production adds its own stamp on the material thus every show is a new adventure. And I appreciated a lot of the tweaks the performers added to today's show - it all added to the power of Lin-Manuel Miranda's core material. 

It was crazy challenging to book tickets and of course, it cost quite a bit of money, but I'm glad that we made the investment to see the show. Hamilton is particularly close to Tobie's heart and I'm glad that we got to experience this together.