02C35: More Game Progression

Wednesday - Sayote Mix

Just as I had hoped, the last two Universes Beyond Doctor Who commander decks arrived this morning, which completes my somewhat return to Magic: the Gathering. I'm going to do my best to hold the line here and not buy any more cards...but we'll see how that goes. In addition, I've finally come to a decision in terms of what card sleeves to get for these cards and have placed an order for some Dragon Shield sleeves and they should arrive by Friday. Once I get these cards properly sleeved, then we can start playing without stressing out that we're ruining the cards or something. Oh this crazy hobby.

I am amused by all the friends offering to join us for a Magic: the Gathering commander game night to "help" me play with my new decks. I totally get it - Commander is a game format that is best with 4 players (at least by design). so Tobie and I can't necessarily play a proper Commander game alone. And it does act as a reminder of how many of our friends still play Magic

Our copy of Apiary also arrived today. Yes, I had placed another board game order via their Australia store despite what had happened last time, but this time everything worked out. It was a pretty speedy process and now we have a first-edition copy of this weird board game about space bees. I still need to get around to figuring out how the game works and then we'll see when we can actually find time to play it this week. 

Beyond all this geekery, I will note that I'm feeling a bit under the weather this week. I seem to have a bit of a cold and it's sort of dragging me down. I'm feeling a little blah and lethargic, but it doesn't feel bad enough for me to skip work entirely. I really don't want to be sick this week since we have the O Bar Halloween event this Saturday, so in the meantime, I'm loading up on vitamins and water to fight this thing off. I refuse to be sick.

That's it for now. I need to get more sleep so that whatever is ailing me doesn't disable me entirely.