02C41: Bleh


Monday - Tuna Shirataki Stir Fry

So I appear to be sick.

It started as feeling very sleepy yesterday, which I attributed to gaming late and waking up early. By the evening I had the sniffles.

I woke up with the sniffles persisting, so it appears I at least have a cold. So I started increasing my water intake and took both cold medicine and Berocca. 

But by midday I was starting to run a fever. I added some paracetamol into the mix of the over-the-counter solutions I've been dosing myself with and immediately lay down after my last meeting for the day.

Tobie speculated that this could be a relapse of the "keto flu" since I was off keto most of last week. It can feel similar to a fever, so it's rather possible. The cold symptoms don't seem to be progressing, so that's good, I guess? The main item of concern is my temperature and my heart rate (which had been rather high today.

I'm going to try to lie down early and see if I can't shake this off. Fingers crossed.