02C29: More Book Crunching

Friday - Corned Beef Sayote

Short Note:
I typically craft the header image for my blog posts before I have any solid idea of what I'm going to write about. The photo rarely defines the blog - it's really more a photo of the day sort of deal that often features something we ate today or something we did. But yesterday's post pivoted into a longer piece about the arrest of Pura Luka Vega and the photo of lunch didn't make sense in hindsight, so I've adjusted it after publishing. Now it makes more sense.

Anyway, welcome to the end of the workweek - or the beginning of the weekend. Last weekend was super busy. In contrast, this weekend started largely bereft of plans but no we have a few activities lined up. We have some game sessions with friends - both in-person and online. But we'll make time to check on the family, plus I have a family book club discussion tomorrow, so that's all good.

Amid all this, I feel like I really need to catch up on my reading. I still have my leisure book, my work-related book, and my family book club title to juggle, alongside comic books, audiobooks, and whichever physical book I leave as "active" in the bathroom. Juggling multiple longer titles means it takes longer to finish any of them, and thus my book count moves in bursts. I'll fall behind here an d there and then I'll clock 2 or 3 books finished on the same day that help to propel me forward. But this has been a fairly busy week and I haven't been making as much progress. I still consistently do some reading every day - the Kindle app has a streak count now and that sort of eggs me on. But I know I haven't done quite as much reading as I could. But where to find the time?

But enough of this blogging. We have some weekending to do.