02C3D: Thursday Density

Thursday - Apriary Game

There are a lot of discussions related to the coming holiday-filled week and already many friends and social media acquaintances have been posting updates of their trips to other countries. While I don't necessarily have strong feelings related to them being overseas, I do sorta wish I had mapped out some time off across the holidays. But there's way too much going on at work for me to do so, thus I'll just persevere for now. But who knows? There's still time to squeeze in a day off in case I can move things around.

Today was busy enough even though I had filed a half-day off because of a dental follow-up appointment. The busy sense of things really tied to all the important meetings today related to many larger initiatives that we're still trying to tackle this quarter. Thus once I was done at the dentist, I still jumped into calls even though I was technically on leave for the rest of the afternoon. 

The dental thing wasn't anything too big - it's my 2nd follow-up since my extraction the other month. The only goal was to get my bite measurements for my eventual denture. I had another back-and-forth discussion with the dentist with regard to my options and we agreed that my main options are either dentures or a more expensive single-tooth impact. I'm not quite ready to shell out the cash for a full implant, so we'll give the denture a shot for now. It'll be another 2ish weeks (depending on the impact of the coming holidays) before I get the initial wax denture and then another week after that before I get my final one. So in theory, I'll be fully settled into proper eating on both sides of my mouth by December.

For now, it's time for dinner then a quick board game or two with friends who will be dropping by because priorities.