02C2F: Another Customer Service Adventure

Thursday - Dinner

This morning I woke up to a call from a Globe representative with a renewal offer for my Postpaid plan. The timing was terrible since I was half asleep and had just entered the bathroom, but I had taken the call anyway. But I didn't trust myself to process any sort of offer in that mental state, so I asked for written information about the offer to which the rep directed me to the Globe One app instead. It's really not a good idea to make financial decisions before your first cup of coffee.

After work, I checked out the Globe page and noted that (as usual) the new Globe plans seem to offer mode data for the same amount of money - and data is my main consideration for mobile phone use. I tried to process the change of plan myself (as I had done previously) but somehow I ended up just renewing my current plan instead of downgrading. I had looked at my data usage over the last year and I really don't need all the data I have at present, so I figured that I could save some money. But now I'm stuck with an incorrect renewal "order" in the system and my attempts to get past the Globe chatbot have only resulted in a vague promise to get a callback from an agent within the next 24 hours. 

Hopefully, I can resolve this correctly before the weekend. I'm a veteran customer service warrior, so I'm pretty sure I'll manage things - provided I manage to get in touch with an actual person. 

Then we just got confirmation that my new order from Stonemaier Games has shipped, so I'm risking another encounter with the post office and our Bureau of Customs

In other news, I have 2.5 O Bar nights' worth of videos in my virtual queue, and we're scheduled to go to O Bar again tomorrow for a friend's birthday. That's a good 70ish videos waiting to get published and I get a little stressed when the queue builds up too much. So I'm going to dedicate the rest of the night to processing as many as I can and see how we deal with the new videos tomorrow. It's an interesting non-problem, but it's still something I consider carefully, especially since the performers do appreciate me trying to get the word out about the amazing things they do on stage.

Let's get to it.