02C3E: Friday Telegram-ish

Friday - Keto Mushroom Pasta

This was one of our busiest Fridays at work in a while - quite a way to end a busy week. We were in back-to-back meetings for most of the day, which meant many of us eating our lunches while on internal video calls. But hey, it's par for the course for this time of the year, I suppose. And there will be even more to consider next week so this weekend will include some advanced preparations for Monday. Fun times.

Tonight is the game night which will include playing Magic: the Gathering and I'm super excited. We'll see how many games we can cram into tonight given we're starting with many of us re-learning Magic first. We have to watch "Blink" (because one of us has never watched Doctor Who) and then Magic and then as many board games as we can cram into the night. Again, fun times.

As is always the case, I'm keeping tonight's blog post short because I need to put my laptop away so we can start playing. Priorities, folks.

Have a good weekend, everyone!