02C3F: Long Magic Friday

Saturday: Magic the Gathering

 So it happened - we actually sat down to play Magic: the Gathering. Not only that, we played two full rounds of Commander that lasted all the way until 05:00am. We first played with my Universes Beyond Doctor Who decks and then we played a friend's Lord of the Rings decks - and he even gave us all playmats to complete the experience! And wow, what a way to return to the hobby after decades of being away. 

Naturally, I super loved how the different Doctor Who decks played and it was great to see all four decks in action. And while I enjoyed playing the villainous Masters of Evil deck, I was just as excited to at least see how the others worked and now I want to try them in the future. I managed to knock out all the other players to win that game overall. The cherry on top was that my final card was Exterminate, which I got to say aloud three times to match how I had triggered the effect thrice. Glorious. 

The Lord of the Rings decks were a whole other story, but I could feel some parallel thinking in how some of the decks were assembled. I once again handled the bad guy deck and it shared the same colors as the Dalek deck and the two decks sort of had a similar idea. Both try to do most of their damage by trying to amass a large army but creature damage can feel a little simplistic to me. The other decks were super crazy and despite our varying approaches, it was Tobie's Hobbits and their mountain of food that won out in the end. 

We didn't have time for other board games, which is a shame. But I suppose it's only understandable that our first in-person Magic game would take longer as we all tried to get used to the game and to the decks themselves. We have made promises to play again in the future and hopefully, we'll streamline the experience and not lose the whole night to it.

We'll try to make up for things tonight with another game night with another friend. Otherwise, Tobie and I still have a lot of games to play on our own. Recent discussions now have me wanting to commit to tackling more campaign games together just so we get them moving again instead of waiting to assemble the "perfect" team to tackle these games with longer-term commitments. The other idea is to return to the Legendary deckbuilding game franchise and start playing with all these expansions that we've acquired over the years because we need to achieve ROI, as it were. 

Let's see how things go tonight.