02C32: Geeky Redlining

Sunday - Tapestry

More than one friend has asked how Tobie and I manage to survive such busy weekends. Whether it's a game night or an O Bar night, that typically means staying up very late in the name of celebrating the different things that we love. Case in point - we ended Friday night's O Bar birthday celebration for a friend past sunrise but still had the stamina to get to an overnight game night with friends by 05:00pm and wrapped up past 06:00am. 

This is why I laugh when younger contacts post about "feeling tito" on socials when it comes to saying they can't manage to stay up late for O Bar or whichever bar they prefer.

I don't really know either how we manage to push so hard practically every weekend. To be fair, I think we're not as crazy as we used to be since it's not like we roll immediately into another activity in the morning after a late night or something. We do end up needing to sleep in as part of our "penance" for the night and we also limit how late we stay out based on our schedule the next day. Getting at least 5 hours is really all I need to be able to bounce out of bed again and be ready for the next geeky activity in our calendar. Even when I have the option to sleep in longer, my brain has a knack of waking me up once I've clocked around 5 hours of shut-eye.

After this weekend though, I do feel pretty tired now and I'm glad that our only activity was an online RPG session. A massage is probably in order this week, but we'll see if we can squeeze something into our busy week ahead.